Wechat Mini Program Development

We help brands to grow and succeed in Chinese market. Wechat mini program is the first step.

What is Wechat Mini Program

Mini Programs are “mini-applications” built within the WeChat platform. WeChat allows 3rd party companies to develop Mini Programs providing advanced features to users that can run within the APP.

They are considered as WeChat’s own “app within an APP” with 2 benefits: instant loading and ease of use.

They don’t take up memory on your phone.

This technology enable WeChat to bundle features and capabilities into a single mobile native APP, based on the “super APP” model. Users never need to leave the WeChat application.

For all these reasons, WeChat turns into an app store with this technology.

Why choose Wechat Mini Program

More than 95% of Chinese customers are more accustomed to using WeChat as a platform for daily shopping communication, and mini programs allow customers to place orders on WeChat.

If your potential customers are Chinese, then WeChat shopping is an indispensable shopping channel for your business. 

If your businesses already have a very good performance in the local market and want to broaden your target sales group, then you must not miss the mini program marketing, this will be your first step to reach Chinese-speaking customers, which is highly potential.

What we can help

Experienced Team

Our team has professional WeChat Mini Program technicians and has more than 100 Mini Program production experience in different industries.

Mini Program & website synchronisation management

Our team’s unique technology allows the content on your website to be updated synchronously with the mini program, simplifying the management process.

WeChat Mini Program Marketing

We have a marketing team for WeChat and other social media commonly used by Chinese people. Even if you do not understand Chinese, our team will assist you in managing your software throughout the process.

Ongoing Support

If your mini program is completed by us, then no one knows this program better than us. We will carry out ongoing it support for the program, update the version and other support services in time.

Hosting Services

We have our own dedicated server in Australia, which means faster access and no expensive monthly hosting fees.

Expand potential users

Our team has helped more than 20 local companies expand Chinese users in Australia, and sales have increased by 20-40%.

Our Latest Creative Work

Selected projects for our startup and category-leading partners.

Pear's Flower Delivery

Type: iOS App/Android App

Industry: Florist

Pear's Flower Delivery

Type: WeChat Mini Program

Industry: Florist

You Will Be Famous

Type: WeChat Mini Program

Industry: Media

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We also have a IT Support team that hosts applications