High-level Website Revamp

Evolutionary Site Redesign

Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Your site is broken.

Your site is hard to manage.

Leads and sales have decreased.


How It Works

The Website Redesign Process


Go through existing website and decide what to keep and what to ditch. Using data-driven approach, take a look at your Google Analytics stats and keep the pages people actually visit and say adios to the underperforming pages.


Now the fun starts. This step is where we assemble the info gathered in step # 1 above and transform it into something resembling a website. When the design process is complete, we now have the blueprint we’ll use for building the new site.


When new site is ready to go, we then archive old site then immediately migrate newly redesigned site to website domain. Pop the cork, your new and improved website is live for the world to see.

Our Latest Creative Work

Selected projects for our startup and category-leading partners.

Titan Builders

Type: Company Official Website

Industry: Construction

Pearpear & co.

Type: E-commerce Website

Industry: Furniture

Zenith eSTATES

Type: Property Website

Industry: Real Estate

What We Do to Make Great Websites

We make catchy and memorable websites. Most importantly, we explain your product to a wide audience in a simple way.

We go through this entire journey in just 1 to 4 weekly sprints in transparent process(depending on project size).

Based on corporate identity

We make websites based on your existing style with colours, fonts, patterns and tone-of-voice.


Sitemap and draft copy

You don’t need a prewritten copy to start. We look at your product  and can explain it in a simple way ourselves.

Wireframes for all pages and web style drafts

Before we proceed to design we wireframe the whole thing with a designer. Then, we make layout drafts to see which route is the best to go.

Main page design and style & copy polishing

The first page comes first. We pay a lot of attention to get it exactly right since it’s the face of your company.

Other pages

The finished main page serves as an effective design guideline for the rest of the website.

Mobile and tablet

After we are all done with desktop design we do layouts for other devices.


Our motion designers make websites come alive to be even more great and memorable.


We test layouts, speed, forms, animations, and overall performance using all the tools available.

Useful Website Integrations

These small integrations will serve as a bonus to your website

Shimmer Technology offers them FOR FREE for our customers

*  Note: This does not include third party plugin fee

Mobile Responsive

Email Marketing Systems


Social Media Integration

Live Chat Popups

Google Analytics Integration

Animated Slider

Google Map Integration

Admin Panel


Image/Video Gallery

SSL Integration