Shimmer Technology
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Managed Or Semi-Managed Solution

Rack spacePowerDataIPsAccessPrice 
1U0.5 Amps2TB (1Gbps)5 public IPs24/7$159/moOrder Now
2U1.0 Amps2TB (1Gbps)5 public IPs24/7$199/moOrder Now
3U1.5 Amps2TB (1Gbps)5 public IPs24/7$249/moOrder Now
4U2.0 Amps2TB (1Gbps)5 public IPs24/7$299/moOrder Now
5U3.0 Amps4TB (1Gbps)5 public IPs24/7$399/moOrder Now
10U4.0 Amps6TB (1Gbps)5 public IPs24/7$599/moOrder Now
Half rack (20U)6.0 Amps10TB (1Gbps)5 public IPs24/7$1500/moOrder Now
Full rack (45U)13.0 Amps10TB (1Gbps)5 public IPs24/7$2500/moOrder Now

We have invested in DDoS mitigation appliances to detect and block attacks in real-time. All mitigation occurs within our network and is monitored by our 24x7 SOC.

Our Datacenters

  • Structure – 15,150 sqm reinforced concrete building, completed in August 2016.
  • Security – 24/7 on-site staff, biometric readers, CCTV and auditable access lists.
  • Power – guaranteed reliability with N+1 block redundant UPS & N+1 standby power redundancy.
  • Cooling – guaranteed reliability with N+1 Indirect Evaporative Cooling Air Handling Units (IDEC).
  • Location – 2km from Sydney airport and 6km from the CBD, with abundant parking.

Our Network

  • Fast & reliable – we operate a national 100Gbps network, leveraging carrier-grade equipment from Juniper, Arista and Corero.
  • Low latency – we connect with all major ISPs locally in each Australian capital city.
  • Carrier-grade connectivity – we use only Tier 1 IP transit from Vocus, Superloop and Cogent.
  • Fast local peering – we peer on more than 12 domestic and international internet exchanges, including IX Australia, MegaIX and EdgeIX.
  • 100% uptime SLA – colocation packages are backed by our 100% network uptime Service Level Agreement.